Earn 100 euros online – 10 easy ways!


Earn 100 euros online – 10 easy ways!

It is possible to make permanent money on the Internet and I am always showing options and instructions on how this works with extensive blogsown products or large affiliate websites.

But many are also simply looking for a way to earn 100 euros in a not too long time. It is also possible.

Therefore, in this article, I present 10 ways to earn 100 euros online.

Earn 100 euros online

Sometimes you just need a little money or you don’t plan to build something on the Internet in the long term, but only to generate short-term income.

Whatever the reason, there are many ways to make some money online. Of course, not as many as is the case in the USA, but there are also a number of sources of income in Germany that bring in short-term money.

I present some of them below and give practical tips. But one thing is also clear, you won’t get rich with these tips and that is not the goal of this list

10 x 10 euros

Earn 100 euros online - 10 easy ways!
Pack of bank notes hundred euros on a green background

Here are my tips for short-term income on the Internet. The nice thing is that you can combine these options. If you earn 10 euros with each of these options, that’s a total of 100 euros.

1.   Affiliate marketing
The affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative sources of income on the Internet. It is also a very flexible way to make money online. You don’t necessarily need your own website.
Instead, you can also earn money with affiliate marketing on social network profiles. Affiliate programs such as Amazon’s can also be published on Facebook, Twitter and Co. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there, so you’re sure to find something suitable. Just take a look at Belboon *, SuperClix *, Zanox * and Affilinet.
All you need is a platform with a certain reach. There you can publish suitable affiliate links to collect commissions.
Do jobs
We all have our skills, which is why you can make money with them nowadays. Outsourcing platforms such as fiverr.comclickworker.de99designs.de or freelance.de offer the possibility to complete smaller and larger orders for the self-employed and companies.
Of course, you first have to define for yourself what you are particularly good at and then present yourself on the appropriate platforms. But then you can quickly complete small jobs and earn some money on the side.
In the future, you can also build up know-how, experience and a good reputation via such platforms, in order to then earn money as a freelancer.
Sell ​​photos
If you like to take a lot of photos, you should think about selling your own photos. Stock photo platforms such as fotolia.de * or alamy.de offer the possibility to upload photos there and make money.
Of course, you need a fairly large portfolio of high-quality photos and you should also pay attention to personal rights and copyrights. But then you can even make money with it permanently, as this example shows.
Make links to money
Backlinks are still very important for good rankings in Google. Therefore it is very worthwhile to sell or rent links.
This is possible via websites such as seedingup.de *, backlinkseller.de * or bloggerjobs.de. There you will find companies that are willing to pay monthly money for links.


This list is sorted alphabetically.

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